4 Obvious Differences of Fine Jewelry & Fashion Jewelry

Women has different preferences in selecting accessories. You may wonder why the identical earring or bracelet may be cheaper than the other or how do we identify a fine jewelry and a fashion jewelry.

1. Material

Fine jewelry is made of valuable metals combined with semi-precious pearls or stones. The materials can be platinum, silver, gold and genuine gems such as aquamarine, chalcedony, diamond, ruby, sapphire and topaz.
Base metal for the fashion jewelry can be brass, copper, nickel, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten which are readily available and easy to find materials. Precious gems can be imitated by a glass or resin material. Nevertheless, it can still look trendy and astonishing.

2. Lifespan

Fine jewelry can remain unfaded and untarnished for decades and never gets outdated. It is being treasured even for a lifetime or can be inherited by the next generation.
Fashion jewelry, on the other hand, can be susceptible to tarnishes and rusts but it can still lasts long when proper care is being taken such as keeping it in a jewelry box after use.

3. Occasion

Fashion jewelry are mostly worn as an accessory for daily use such as work, dating, night out, concerts and regular days. Whereas, fine jewelry are being worn for a very special occasion that may only happen once or rare in a lifetime such as engagement, marriage or meeting a high-valued person.

In some cultures, there are rituals or courtesy for wearing a specific gem which will be featured on our next article.

4. Price

We cannot expect a fine jewelry to be worth $30 or so. Its materials are being imported from some parts of Middle East and other countries and requires spe. Stones and gems are being reworked for effortful days before it can be taken to the market. The value of the fine jewelry increases overtime, pawnable and auctionable.

Contrarily, fashion jewelry is very affordable without compromising the style. You can still afford an elegant statement for a modest price!

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