5 Proper Care Tips for Your Most Treasured Jewelry

Jewelry is one of women's most valued possessions. Maintaining its beauty requires simple efforts to keep its spark and unfaded

1. Keep away from extreme sunlight.

Semi-precious stones and metals might discolor and dry out under extreme sunlight exposure and heat. Pendant, band and clasp that is made of metal might darken overtime. Main stone may fracture and develop cracks.

2. Wear in ideal occasions.

Remove your jewelry before doing active activities at home, gym or outdoors. Sweat may cause discoloration and gradual fading. Going to a camping, mountaineering or retreats with accessories worn may cause scratches or hairline marks that you will not recognize immediately.

It is not advisable to wear your jewelry while doing general house cleaning. Ammonia which is a common material for bleach and deep cleaning solvents may be too harsh or darken the alloy metals.

3. Know when to use or not to use a ultrasonic cleaners.

Professional ultrasonic cleaners for jewelry can be cheaper and convenient to use. There are exceptions in using this tool: (1) Resin and glass-like material (2) Organic materials such as amber, coral, ivory and shells, (3) Coated with plastic or wax (4) Heat susceptible stones such as fluorite, iolite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, malachite, opal, topaz, turquoise, zircon and others

Ideally, DIY cleaning is not recommended and let the experts utilize this tool and decide if it is safe to use or not.

4. Keep in a safe jewelry box.

This is a perfect storage for your treasured jewelry because it keeps away from tarnish. Jewelry boxes has padded slots for studs and rings. It has a separate hanging section exclusively for anklets, bracelets, drop earrings and necklace too.

5. Simplest is the safest.

Multi-colored jewelry can be cleaned by a warm water, mild soap, and soft bristle brush. Waterpulse cleaner and lint-free fabric is safe to use as well. Rinse thoroughly to remove cleaning agent residue. Lay the jewelry in a clean cloth, do not touch until dry to avoid fingerprints.

Reading a helpful guide is a good place to start learning the jewelry proper care. You may also ask friends and relatives who are charm enthusiasts or consult a jeweller for professional recommendation.

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