How To Measure A Ring Size: Top 3 Practical Ways

In this world of progressing technology, shopping online is prominent for personal accessories. Internet will showcase a variety of options for rings that may trigger a panic buying due to its rareness, fanciness and presentation of product images. But, how can you determine your ring size to avoid unfitting upon receiving it?

1. Use a thread, floss, strip of paper or string.

This is the most practical way to measure your ring size because the availability of these materials are common at home. Wrap it around the base of your finger, mark it where it overlaps, and measure the thread by a ruler in millimeters (mm) or centimeters (cm). Avoid stretching out the material to get the accuracy.

Here is the US ring sizing guide for women:

2. If you have a ring, place it on a size chart.

Do a search on the internet for “true-to-size” ring chart, print it and place the ring on the circle prints of the chart to determine the size. Find the circle that matches your ring’s circumference.

3. Buy a ring sizer.

If your meticulous enough in determining your size and if you don’t have the confidence to do these DIYs, you can buy a ring sizer. Usually, it comes with a mini manual on how to use it. You will have to wear it and adjust like a belt.

You have the idea now about determining your ring size and you can browse our ring collection to select your preferred style!

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