The 4 Worst Jewelry Mistakes

Occasion dictates the rule of thumb of jewelry mix matching. You must look presentable and attractive while the jewelry is an accessory that adds up beauty in totaliness of your style. But, when could be a jewelry becomes a mistake that may ruin an OOTD?

1. Irritating Noise

Bracelets and anklets may have bells, beads and tiny ornaments that may create a distracting noise every move. Full of clanks and tinkles can be inappropriate with the noise its producing and might make you conscious about your OOTD.

2. Overdesigned

Too much of jewelry can cause a visual clutter. In some occasion, you are only wearing a newly-bought jewelry is to “flex” it, without considering if it complements your tops and bottoms. It is a good idea to do a layering with rings, bracelets or even anklets but you have to view the mirror and assess if it is color appropriate or not.

3. Wrong Accessory for a Fabric

Choosing a necklace should match your neckline. Heavy shells, stones and beads should be worn in heavy denims or bulky jackets as it will show its best. Wearing a choker in a turtle neck is not advisable because it will look suffocating and crowded.

4. Incorrect Size

In some point, we tend to panic buy when we found a rare and exotic jewelry that we did not even check the size. In can be frustrating that you cannot wear a statement piece due to incorrect size. Some rings are adjustable that you do not have to worry about its size. In selecting a necklace, you want it to be proportion to your body size. It could be a choker type, clavicle level, breast level or navel level.

Check out our future articles for more important tips and disclaimers. Explore your creativity when selecting a jewelry to avoid these common mistakes.

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