Top 15 Water Safe Crystals & Stones

Crystals absorbs negative energy and attracts good energy to our body and even to our home. It is essential to clean it, some utilizes rivers, oceans and lakes to remove dirts and oils.

Some crystals may deform, may rust or may discolor when touched into a salt water. Worst thing that may happen, it might totally dissolve when soaked in water. The composition, hardness and porousness of the stone should be considered before cleaning it by flowing water.

Here is the list of the stones that you may want to put away from water and reconsider other method of cleaning:

Apatite Gypsum Opal 
Apophyllite Halite Pyrite 
Azurite Hematite Selenite
Celestite Labradorite  Tangerine Quartz
Fluorite  Malachite Turquoise


Following are the water safe crystals:

Agate Citrine Rutilated Quartz
Amethyst Clear Quartz Smokey Quartz
Aventurine Jasper Tiger's Eye
Black Obsidian  Moonstone (not in salt)
 Carnelian (not in salt) Rose Quartz


Do not let this discourage you from buying natural stone accessories because there are other ways to clean your beloved bling. For more tips, read our previous blog: 5 Proper Care Tips For Your Most Treasured Jewelry.

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